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Welcome to PEGASUS, where human and artificial intelligences intermingle in harmony.


In an exponentially growing knowledge-based economy, and with globalization casting its shadows on all nations around the world, global communication becomes more and more critical.

Mindful of the current and foreseen challenges afflicting nations and individuals around the world, and as such challenges mainly affect the most vulnerable segments of the societies, it is incumbent upon all of those who believe in humanity to stand together synergistically in an attempt to mitigate the negative impacts.

Accordingly, our services are extended as an integral part of an overarching endeavor to engage and empower marginalized quintiles and minorities in the process towards achieving their autonomy. This includes engaging and empowering women, youth, and people with disabilities politically, socially, and economically. A goal which if achieved would bring about a colossal positive change to our way of life.

We have discovered early on that the resilience of vulnerable communities; refugees in specific and people in general, is heavily dependent upon sharing of knowledge and experiences, as well as the benevolent deeds that so many privileged individuals and communities are willing to put in.

In such a situation, our services come to play as the prop needed to push this effort forward; facilitating communication and breaking language barriers using a homogenous combination of artificial intelligence; which manifests in the state of art technology we have available; and human intelligence which manifests in our highly qualified and experienced staffs.

In conclusion, we are not in it only for the money, rather our goals stretch way beyond that to such an extent where we can be proud of our humanitarian achievements.

Please join our community, and help contribute to forging a more just and peaceful world.

Mohammad Al-Qawasmi
Founder & General Manager
Pegasus Conference Services & Event Management

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