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Mohammad Al Qawasmi

General Manager "G.M"

Since our establishment in 2011, we have become the fastest growing event management services company in Jordan. Driven by passion and hard work, we help our clients build professional, more agile and innovative solutions.

Rather than dwell on our past achievements, we look forward to the enormous opportunities that are emerging from the growing shift to digital business. We invest in new solutions and acquisitions, build our capabilities, and develop our teams to ensure that PEGASUS Co. is well positioned to help clients explore the vast opportunity – and deliver on the potential – of this new digital business area.

What makes us unique is our ability to conceptualize, architect and implement new and expanded capabilities that allow our clients to transform legacy models to take their business to the next level.

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Firas Al Marashdeh

Chief Executive Officer "CEO"

Our best feature is our global team of highly professional and knowledgeable employees, who through their hard work, passion, dedication and perceptiveness, continuously drive our firm forward.

we believe that Pegasus is able to offer the best blend of in-depth logistics and language services, and a proven ability to quickly comprehend the client’s needs, as well as promptness and agility in conceiving high-end tailor-made solutions for your events.